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Co-operative behaviour and regard for others is expected at all times. The Lodges, contents and furniture  need to be valued, used appropriately, and treated with care. Any breakages will be required to be paid for.


Living, dining, kitchen and bar areas
This is an area we all use, please be mindful of others and share the space available. keep it tidy and clean. Keep your personal belongings with you and take them with you when you leave.

The couches are for all to sit on and not for a few to lie on.


Games Room

Table tennis, Pool tables, stereo, and seating areas are provided for all. Sensible and responsible behaviour is necessary!

Younger members need supervision, and parents are asked to please educate children in sensible use of the equipment. 

The Lodge Leader should be notified immediately if any problems or breakages.

Bunk Room Wing

This is a quiet zone. Peaceful behaviour and quiet voices are desirable at any time. Please keep voices down and be as quiet as possible in the evenings and especially when arriving at the lodges at night.

Drinking is not permitted in the bunk rooms.  During school holidays parents will need to supervise any activities with the children in the bunk room wing.


All people staying at the Lodges are required to complete daily duties. These are assigned by room and rotate daily. None of the duties are onerous but their completion is required to keep the Lodges clean and tidy and ensures the costs can be kept to a minimum.


Please complete duties assigned to your room cheerfully and in a timely fashion - thanks.


Members are welcomed to bring guests to the Lodges. There is no limit to the number of guests that you can bring outside of the school holiday period when member bookings take priority.  Guests are expected to undertake the daily tasks and comply with the rules along with the members.  As with member families all ages are welcome.


General Cancellation Rules:

  • All cancellations must be advised to the Booking Officer by emailing

  • Cancelling a booking up to 4 days before the start date will incur a fee of 30% of the booking value.

  • You can add people and add additional dates to bookings up to 4 days before the start date.

  • Once within the 4 days before a start date a booking cannot be changed or cancelled from your account login.

A cancellation will not be credited if:

  • You decide to depart earlier from the lodge because of bad weather.

  • The mountain and National Park roads are open and the Lodges are deemed accessible.

  • You decide to depart, or not attend the lodge due to any timetable changes made to ski or snowboard training programmes you may be attending.u m


Members are expected to be dressed in day or dry ski clothes upstairs.  For dinner, tidy casual is expected. Bring your wine or soda


We provide separate mens and women's shower areas at both Lodges. Please respect this arrangement and other peoples property while in these areas.  Your mother does not work here so clean up after use.

At Whakapapa the water supply is from tanks, which are under the bunk room wing.  Please be careful to use only the water you need. Keep showers short, and bring enough clothes so that you don't need to wash any.  There is no washing machine for members at Whakapapa.

Turoa is on town supply.  In both lodges the hot water capacity is not unlimited!!


Both lodges have drying rooms for your wet gear.  Please arrange your gear tidily and remove as soon as it is dry.  Please take care that you remove only your belongings.  Respect all other peoples property in these shared areas.  Naming your gear is useful. 


The club is aware that tech plays a big part in our lives today.  To assist this there is Free Wifi available.  Please respect other members with appropriate content and noise without headphones.

That said we encourage you to join in socially after 6pm rather than going down to your room simply to be online.


Smoking is not permitted inside either lodge. Illegal drugs are not permitted in either Lodge or on Club property.


From time to time you may be asked to be the Lodge Leader.   You will need to complete the following

  1. Check the bunk list as the Lodge Leader for each weekend is listed here

  2. Introduce yourself to the cook

  3. Read Lodge Leader Guide kept at the Lodge near upstairs notice board

  4. Introduce yourself to everyone as soon as possible. Preferably at breakfast

  5. Look at the duty roster and ensure that members duties are completed

  6. Introduce yourself to new members

  7. Check that money for meals and extra accommodation is collected

  8. Familiarise yourself with fire fighting equipment and emergency exits

  9. Undertake a general check before leaving the Lodge

  10. Complete Lodge Leaders' Report and post to Committee


The Constitution of the Club gives the committee power to decide and/or adjudicate on all Club matters, including the authority to expel a member who abuses membership privileges.

A member may be suspended immediately until the next meeting of the committee, or for a period of not more than one month whichever is the lesser.


  1. Have fun, but don't let your fun spoil the fun of others

  2. Support the Lodge Leader

  3. Be pleasant and helpful to the Cooks

  4. Graduates is a Club - please complete your duties diligently

  5. Members must use their allocated bunk room

  6. Smoking and Illegal drugs are not permitted at the lodges

  7. Ski Safely!

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